1. How far in advance do I need to book you?

  • At least 6-8 weeks before your event or due date.
  • If you are in a shorter timeline, please let me know & I can check to see if I can accommodate a tighter schedule.

2. Where are you located?

  • Hayward, CA.

3. Do you ship?

  • Yes.

4. Do you offer delivery? 

  • Yes, $1 per mile.

5. What is your turn around time?

  • Depending on the project, average time is between 3-4 weeks.

6. Do you offer rentals?

  • Yes! Please email me with your specific signage needs for a more accurate estimate. 

7. I saw something online that I really like, can you replicate it for me? 

  • As an artist, I will not & as a business practitioner I cannot. It is illegal to copy another artists work, a law I am quite thankful for. This also works in your favor, you will be receiving goods that are as original as you. That being said, I am 100% interested in seeing what inspires you.

8. What is your return and exchange policy?

  • If you need to cancel your order for any reason please notify me immediately. Due to the nature of scheduling for these handmade projects, your deposit will be forfeited. I cannot refund this fee due to other projects that were turned down in order to complete yours. If you cancel after the project has been completed you will be responsible for those charges.  Returns are not accepted and I do not offer refunds due to the custom nature of all projects. If your item arrives damaged or if something appears incorrect please contact me.

9. How do I pay & is a retainer (deposit) required?

  • After we have agreed upon the full order, a 50% non-refundable retainer & a signed contract is required to start on your project. Once your order is paid for I will begin work. Please note, if you are paying with a personal check I will begin work once the check has cleared. Your contract will detail the payment information. 

10. Do you offer discounts if I order in large quantities? 

  • I do not offer discounts because of the custom nature of the work. Every piece still has to be individually hand lettered.

11. Once I purchase my goods, do I own the artwork? 

  • No, Hand Lettered By Tiffany retains all copyrights to our work. Clients are not allowed to reproduce the designs in any way or for any purpose.

12. Do you provide surface materials?

  • Yes, but only in chalkboard, clear acrylic, painted acrylic & wood signages in various sizes.

    13. Can I provide my own surface for you to letter on? 

    • Yes, email me all the details & I’ll give you a quote. 



    1. What are your prices?

    • I require a minimum order of $750 for personal projects, $1000 for corporate projects & $1500 for wedding projects. 
    • Personalization with Calligraphy or Lettering: 

             -On-Site | Starting at $250 per Hour

             -In-Studio | Starting at $40 per Unit (Bulk Rate Available for 30 Items or More)

    • Personalization with Engraving or Pyrography:

             -On-Site | Starting at $275 per Hour

             -In-Studio | Starting at $50 per Unit (Bulk Rate Available for 30 Items or More)

    • Everything I create are custom & never the same. That being said, an exact price can be tricky until we have a chance to chat. Because your event & wedding is unique to you, sign pricing varies on the size, amount of writing required, design, colors & type of surface.
    • If you do not meet my minimum, I do have skillful students that I personally mentor that can possibly take on your project. So don't hesitate to still reach out!
    • Prices are subject to change, please email me with your specific needs for a more accurate estimate. 

      2. Do you take rush orders? 

      • I do accept rush orders based on my current availability and the scope of work.
      • ALL jobs with less than 14 business days to complete are considered rush jobs.
      • 14 Days: 30% Rush Fee

        10 Days or Less: 50% Rush Fee

        48 Hours: 100% Rush Fee

        24 Hours or Less: 200% Rush Fee

      • Please contact me as soon as possible if you have a rush order. Every order is different & the timeframes vary slightly depending on what sort of project you are interested in.

      3. How much does extra drafts & revisions cost? 

      • 2 drafts & 1 revision is included in your order.
      • Extra design drafts are $150 each 

      • Changes or corrections beyond included revision are $75 each 

      • It is incredibly important to proofread & approve all names, addresses, etc. I am not responsible for any typos or incorrect information once your order has been approved. 

      4. What if I notice an error once I receive
      my items?

      • Please be sure to proof everything as soon as you receive your package. Let me know immediately of any mistakes or changes. Any errors on my part will be corrected at no additional charge. Any error on the client’s side (such as spelling errors) are the client’s responsibility & will incur a $50 set up fee as well as a the agreed upon price to correct them.