I’m the Bay Area artist behind Hand Lettered By Tiffany. I live in Hayward, California with my husband Hector & 3 children Sean, Chase & Harper.

How did my hand lettering & calligraphy start?

August 26, 2017 was when I celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary. It was an incredible day, but also a hard day. I was worn out, not just outwardly tired, but inwardly exhausted from living up to my unrealistic expectations of who I thought I should be. I was doing my best to be the perfect wife, perfect step mom, perfect employee, perfect pastor’s wife & perfect role model to young girls. Plus, we were trying to have a baby of our own. I was doing too much & felt so overwhelmed. I needed soul-rest.

I read this scripture & it became so clear to me:

A desire to slow down & be present was formed.

I found myself night after night pouring out my fears, anxieties & hurts. 

All I had was a pencil & notebook. I would write scripture & life giving words over & over until it it was engraved in my heart. I spoke it over myself & my family. 

Hand lettering slowed me down. Each letter needs focus & is thoughtfully drawn out. I couldn’t rush drawing those letters, I had to slow down. I had to slow down all that I was doing in my life.

As my husband & I were trying to have a baby, anxiety arose again. Why is it not easy having a baby? Is something wrong with me? If God grants me a baby, I want to be a stay at home mom; but how can we afford the bills if I do that?

I prayed for a way of making income from home that didn’t sacrifice my time away from my family & ministry. The same month I was learning hand lettering & calligraphy, a friend asked me to make a few signs for her wedding. I realized this was the answer to my prayer. I created an Instagram account, started to get a few more commissioned work & the rest is history.

I’m a daughter of God, wife, mother, pastor & on my free time, I’m also a hand lettering artist & calligrapher. God has gifted me with these “titles” & 

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