Created to Create


People who know my husband, Hector, (everyone calls him Fuego, but this is my blog so he’s Hector) & me usually would call us “creative.”

He had a vision for the large chalkboard we have in the youth building of our church. He wanted me & my children to doodle on it. I asked him when he wanted this done, he casually said, “Right now.” Right now?! As we we were on our way to pick up our children to get this done, I knew I wanted the chalkboard to display a message. The first word that popped up was: Create. I lettered that word in the middle of the chalkboard & had everyone doodle around it. We started creating. It was a fun family project (even my 1 year old daughter, Harper, joined in)!

As we started doodling, my oldest son, Sean, said, “I don’t know what to draw, I’m not creative & I don’t want to mess this up.” I let him know that there’s NO WAY he would ever mess this up & that I know he can do this. He actually drew my favorite drawings. As 3 hours pass by, those words, “I’m not creative,” stuck in my head.

We still had some empty spaces & I knew I wanted our youth group to fill them in with their artwork. We had Sunday service yesterday & as I asked some kids to doodle, some said no because they’re “not creative”.

Those words never sat well with me (I hear it from adults often), but it bothered me more now than ever! It saddened me that children at an early age believe this LIE!

I personally don’t believe that some people are born creative & others are not. People make career choices labeled as “creatives”. As a hand lettering artist & calligrapher, I understand that. I’m in that category, but creativity is not a function of the arts, it’s a fundamental function of your being. Graphic designers, letterers, painters, videographers & photographers are not the only creative people in the earth.

You may be a stay at home mom & create a new routine for your children. You may be an accountant & suggest creative ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues & improve profits. You may be a mathematician, & create a new algorithm for problem solving.

God created the heavens & the earth; He is the Creator of all things. We are made in the image of God, therefore we are creative beings. He has given each one of us imagination, talents & gifts.

You were purposely handcrafted by God. You are a creator by design, & your specific personality & dreams, combined with your intimacy with the Lord, are the tools you will use to shape the earth into a place that is like Heaven.

 Be creative in the way you dress, cook, solve problems & anything else that you do.

Before you say, “I’m not creative,” remember you are more creative than you think. Don’t limit yourself. Your ability to create is unmeasurable.




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